January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

(I wrote this post before Christmas, but couldn’t get it posted until after my trip…sorry about that)

I know that I am a few days early, but the winter solstice was a few days ago. Every year when it comes around, I'm glad to know that the days will begin to get longer again. Since I was in high school and learned that this day was historically seen as rebirth or new beginning, it always leads me to start looking back to see how I have gotten to where I am today and also to look forward where I want to go.

I’m not real big on resolutions, as they tend to be geared towards things that people don’t like about themselves, and typically can’t change (or have a very hard time doing so). Instead, I try to take a more long term view. It usually boils down to one question that I apply regardless the topic. “Am I better today than I was yesterday (or rather better this year than last year)?” with the main focus on continual improvement rather than very specific goals.

Have you gotten better this year in the things that you would have liked to? Could you do better than you did? What’s the next step, how will you move forward?

If not, what can you do to “right the ship?” Have you adjusted your priorities to meet your expectationw, or do you expectations need to change?

Here’s to another year of being a better you. Cheers!

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