January 6, 2010

Book: Here Comes Everybody

I remember hearing about this book, Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky (amazon associates link), when it came out. There was quite a bit of fan fair and praise for it and thought that I would check it out. But, I never really did.

It wasn’t until recently after I saw a video of Clay speaking, 1) that I realized how much I am interested in Clay’s work, 2) how fantastically brilliant he is, and 3) I remembered about his book that I was going to read.

Anyway, this book is a fantastic read. Although not completely evident by its title, this book discusses many different ways the internet and technology are distinctly reshaping our world with interesting, real stories. He then explains how and why these technological changes are making the impact they are with very clear and concise explanations. This is a great book even for the non-techies who are looking to get a clear, thorough picture of how our world is being shaped by the internet and similar technologies.

This was the first non-fiction page turner I've read it quite a while. Good stuff.

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