February 18, 2010

The fun in googling yourself

While looking at some old pictures that I posted to Picasa, I wondered if any of them would come up in google image search of my name. I didn't expect so, but I tried it anyway to see if what was there. I didn't find any actual pictures of me, but I did find this old "reader's respond to military hazing" article on theonion.com referencing my name.

I just about fell off my chair. I just love the onion.

I would have found an actual picture of me, if I used a relevant picture of me on this blog instead of my favorite childhood cartoon.

Have you ever "googled" yourself? If you have a fairly unique name, it can be fun to find places you can be found on the web. If you haven't done it before, it is probably a good idea to know what is out there just in case someone else is looking for information about you (oh, and as a somewhat related aside, if you didn't know already, don't give bile a permalink).

1 comment:

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