November 10, 2008

Return to blogging

It has been a few months since I have had any activity on this blog (which is no surprise given my previous activity). My recent absence was due to my commitments of coaching a local high school team. It was a long season and as much as I love doing it, getting my free time back and working on other things will be nice. Coaching is a truly great thing for me. Other than that obvious time commitment (added on to my regular life), and the additional stress, coaching has been an incredibly positive experience. I hope to post about that in the future, but for now, I love doing it, but am glad to be done and focusing back on my professional career.

Speaking of my professional career, I have had quite a bit of activity there in the past few months as well. Since the main manager of my current project changed jobs, I have taken on his responsibilities (just for this project) and have broken into the world of project management. I am not exclusively a manager by any means, but I organize and manage the development work on top of my regular work. I have had many "learning experiences" (read "growing pains") in this new role which have been great opportunities for me to challenge myself and grow professionally.

Beyond my progress at work, I am finally able to return to my pursuit of becoming a better software professional outside of work. I have finally gotten back to my growing list of books, and backlog of blog posts in my reader. As I continue to read and learn, I hope to share my new found knowledge here on this blog.

Also with my new responsibilities at work, I hope to explore management as a whole and learn more about it and share that here as well. (I’m still working on exactly how).

While I get caught back up on my reading (and writing), I have become quite active on twitter recently, so please follow me there in the meantime. I also share interesting articles in Google reader which you can also access here.


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