November 24, 2008

Normal Distribution in the Work Place

Throughout my school years, for some unknown reason, I always held "working in the real world" as being something extraordinary. I was under the impression that all workers were task-oriented and efficient in what they did. Even though I wised up a bit through college, I was still extremely surprised to see how lazy and inefficient most workers were once I entered the workplace. This may not be news to anyone, but I noticed that the amount of "great", "good", "average", etc. workers were similar to the bell curve grading scale given to students in school.

Since realizing it, I rather like the "bell curve" analogy, in fact I've been sharing it quite a bit. Much like other sayings that I enjoy, this one has gotten plenty of use. But I do believe that normal distribution properly describes the general workforce, not only programmers.

SO, what "grade" have you earned so far at your job? What would your boss say your grade has been? Has it gone up or down since you started?

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